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Radio Host Taken Off Air Censored

What Are They Hiding? 
Radio Host Taken Off Air
Censored for Saying 1 Word

Published on Sep 28, 2016
Popular radio host Michael Savage was pulled off the air during his program yesterday in a shocking move. His show, with over 20 million listeners, went dead on WABC New York, but Savage, known for his hard-hitting style, continued on. However, he was then pulled from a slew of affiliates. It was clear censorship, and you’ll be shocked to learn the one word that Savage said that caused him to be sabotaged.

What was so controversial that WABC had to censor Savage? Well, Hillary Clinton’s health of course. That’s right!  All Savage was talking about from a medical standpoint was Hillary’s health and the rumor that she takes Levodopa, the Parkinson’s disease drug. After Savage mentioned Levodopa, that was all it took, just that one word to cause the liberal CEO to take him off air mid-show.

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Heads Up! United Nations UPDATE in America

Heads Up! 
UN Fuel Tankers and Armored Vehicles In Maryland FEMA Coffins In Texas

Published on Sep 28, 2016

A big shout out to Travis B, The person that took the images!

As you can see in the photos, there is a bunch of UN equipment being staged at this Kellog's Factory In Williamsport, MD. There is not only armored vehicles, but there are containers and fuel tankers marked with UN as well. This goes along with other activity we have seen recently across the country.
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Trump Told EMP To Halt Election If He’s Selected

Dave Hodges Insider......
'Trump Told EMP To Halt Election If He’s Selected' Trouble??


Published on Sep 26, 2016
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Trump Told EMP Attack to be Used to Stop the Election

The title is bold, the conclusions are frightening. However, there is truth behind the statement and the information comes from four sources and the information is relatively recent.

Source #1

This source communicates with me on a semi-regular basis. I often know the condition of his plant and who is visiting and what the concerns are. I have had dialogue with this person since 2013.
Hello Dave how are you? I just wanted to let you know that Palo Verde Unit 2 tripped last night, which means it went from 100% power to 0% power. Not especially news worthy, except U-3 tripped last week. And U-1 tripped the week before. So all three units have tripped within two weeks. This is very bizarre because these units will normally run “breaker to breaker” with NO issues at all. They normally run 18 months straight with no problem.
There is actually another source at the same plant saying much of the same. Although this source did not indicate this, I think these problems he described are drills. The reasons behind this will be made clear.

Source #2

Source number two has been communicating with me for 3 years. I know when the DHS visits and when NERC runs a disaster drill at the plant he is stationed at. He does not trust the powers that be connected to the government.
Dear Dave,
I know it has been awhile, but I wanted to update you on what’s going on ____Nuclear Power Plant (facility name withheld by request). We had a DHS inspection, along with FEMA presence, along with NERC, almost 2 weeks ago. The premise of the inspection was to determine how long we could continue to cool the rods in case of a total lack of power. At our facility, the answer is exactly 10 days and then we go into a catastrophic melt down without outside assistance. I had some interaction with DHS and I can tell you that they are worried and the results scared the hell out of them. Dave, I believe we are going to have a grid down scenario and DHS knows it. I cannot offer substantial proof but if you would have been with us, you would think the same thing. People here are scared shitless. I had a discussion about bugging out with a colleague and my wife, and I mean leaving the entire area. However, if we wait too long, the traffic grid lock would keep us in the city. 
I remember when you wrote about Grid Ex II, do you think this is going to be a reality as you suggest it would? This would explain much of what I know. 

I know the names of both men and the facilities that they work at. They are not joking. I have had numerous conversations with them over the past three years when I first wrote about the threat of an EMP

Source #3

On Sunday night’s show, Gary Haevin, the producer of Amerigedon joined me in the second hour of the show.  Gary Haevin is not just a movie producer. He is personal friends with the Governor and texas and with Senator Rand Paul. I know Gary well enough to know he does not say things for effect. He is convinced about the accuracy of what he was told below.
About half way through the show, he dropped a bombshell on the audience. He stated that he knew someone very influential in the Trump campaign and they have been told that the globalists will unleash an EMP to stop the election from happening. The link to the interview can be accessed here. The discussion about EMP attacks begins at around the 10 minute mark.

Source #4

Many know that I have a number of intelligence sources from both the agencies and the military (e.g. ARSOF). These contact started with my father’s colleagues and were friends of the family and the tree of associations branched out and now I am well into the second generation. Some contacts have come to me in a serendipitous fashion. However, there is one contact whose track record is unquestionably accurate. He was my source for the events at Benghazi.
The source in question was a senior commanding officer in ARSOF and he told me over the Labor Day weekend that an EMP attack was on the table if it looked like Trump was going to win the election. I sat on this information because I did not have any confirming information, until now.
I spoke with this person after my Sunday night show and told him about the contacts I have had in the past 48 hours regarding this possibility. He said an EMP attack was still very much on the table and that we are looking at the Nuclear Regulatory Commission and DHS preparing to strengthen the defense of our nuclear power plants. He said they have stepped up the plants ability to maintain cooling capabilities in case of an EMP attack.


Critical Analyses Regarding Critical Melt Downs

According to Judy Haar, a recognized expert in nuclear plant failure analyses, when a nuclear power plant loses access to off-grid electricity, the event is referred to as a “station blackout”. Haar states that all 104 US nuclear power plants are built to withstand electrical outages without experiencing any core damage, through the activation of an automatic start up of emergency generators powered by diesel. Further, when emergency power kicks in, an automatic shutdown of the nuclear power plant commences. The dangerous control rods are dropped into the core, while water is pumped by the diesel power generators into the reactor to reduce the heat and thus, prevent a meltdown. Here is the catch in this process, the spent fuel rods are encased in both a primary and secondary containment structure which is designed to withstand a core meltdown. However, should the pumps stop because either the generators fail or diesel fuel is not available, the fuel rods are subsequently uncovered and a Fukushima type of core meltdown commences immediately.
At this point, I took Judy Haar’s comments to a source of mine at a nuclear power plant. My source informed me that as per NERC policy, nuclear power plants are required to have enough diesel fuel to run for a period of seven days. Some plants have thirty days of diesel. This is the good news, but it is all downhill from there.


The Unresolved Power Blackout Problem

A long-term loss of outside electrical power will most certainly interrupt the circulation of cooling water to the pools. Another one of my nuclear power plant sources informed me that there is no long term solution to a power blackout and that all bets are off if the blackout is due to an EMP attack. A more detailed analysis reveals that the spent fuel pools carry depleted fuel for the reactor. Normally, this spent fuel has had time to considerably decay and therefore, reducing radioactivity and heat. However, the newer discharged fuel still produces heat and needs cooling. Housed in high density storage racks, contained in buildings that vent directly into the atmosphere, radiation containment is not accounted for with regard to the spent fuel racks. In other words, there is no capture mechanism. In this scenario, accompanied by a lengthy electrical outage, and with the emergency power waning due to either generator failure or a lack of diesel needed to power the generators, the plant could lose the ability to provide cooling. The water will subsequently heat up, boil away and uncover the spent fuel rods which required being covered in at least 25 feet of water to remain benign from any deleterious effects. Ultimately, this would lead to fires as well and the release of radioactivity into the atmosphere. This would be the beginning of another Fukushima event right here on American soil. Both of my sources and Haar shared exactly the same scenario about how a meltdown would occur.


Placing Odds On a Failure Is a Fools Errand

In the event of an EMP attack upon the power grid, the greatest danger to American lives would be the resulting melt down of nuclear power plants. Each plant, that would melt down, would represent a Fukushima event. An analysis of individual plant risks released in 2003 by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission shows that for 39 of the 104 nuclear reactors, the risk of core damage from a blackout was greater than 1 in 100,000. At 45 other plants the risk is greater than 1 in 1 million, the threshold NRC is using to determine which severe accidents should be evaluated in its latest analysis. According to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, the Beaver Valley Power Station, Unit 1, in Pennsylvania has the greatest risk of experiencing a core meltdown, 6.5 in 100,000, according to the analysis. These odds don’t sound like much until you consider that we have 124 nuclear power generating plants in the US and Canada and when we consider each individual facility, the odds of failure climb. How many meltdowns would it take in this country before our citizens would be condemned to the hellish nightmare, or worse, being experienced by the Japanese?


The Question That’s Not Being Asked

None of the NERC, or the Nuclear Regulatory tests of handling a prolonged blackout at a nuclear power plant have answered two critical questions, “What happens when these nuclear power plants run out of diesel fuel needed to run the generators”, and “What happens when some of these generators fail”? In the event of an EMP attack, can tanker trucks with diesel fuel get to all of the nuclear power plants in the US in time to re-fuel them before they stop running? Will tanker trucks even be running themselves in the aftermath of an EMP attack? And in the event of an EMP attack, it is not likely that any plant which runs low on fuel, or has a generator malfunctions, will ever get any help to mitigate the crisis prior to a plethora of meltdowns occurring. Thus, every nuclear power plant in the country has the potential to cause a Chernobyl or Fukushima type accident if our country is hit by an EMP attack.
The ramifications raised in the previous paragraphs are significant. What if the blackout lasts longer than 24 hours? What if the reason for the blackout is an EMP burst caused by a high altitude nuclear blast and transportation comes to a standstill? In this instance, the cavalry is not coming. Adding fuel to the fire lies in the fact that the power transformers presently take at least one year to replace. Today, there is a three year backlog on ordering because so many have been ordered by China. This makes one wonder what the Chinese are preparing for with these multiple orders for both transformers and generators. In short, our unpreparedness is a prescription for disaster. As a byproduct of my investigation, I have discovered that most, if not all, of the nuclear power plants are on known earthquake fault lines. All of California’s nuclear power plants are located on an earthquake fault line. Can anyone tell me why would anyone in their right mind build a nuclear power plant on a fault line? To see the depth of this threat you can visit an interactive, overlay map at this site.


If the globalists are not able to collapse America through debt and false flag terrorist events, I am convinced that, through their minions, they will unleash holy hell upon the country through a devastating false flag event such as an EMP attack.
Will this be used to stop the 2016 election? I am sorry I am not a psychopath and have trouble imagining something like this. However, I can say for certain that the Clinton’s have the mindset to unleash this. And we know the Clinton’s through brokering favorable trade deals with terrorist nations, have the contacts to pull this off through the Clinton Foundation.

Terrorist False Flag Events

A series of terror attacks would push the American economy over the edge.  I have previously written about various alphabet soup agency people and their families who have gone into hiding in specially prepared enclaves with their colleagues in anticipation to what is coming. Many, including one FEMA family that I knew personally, have repeatedly spoken about  the taking down of the power grid. For DHS head,Janet Napolitano knows what’s coming as she stated in her farewell address, “It is not a matter of if, but when the power grid will be taken down”.  Congressman Trent Franks (R-AZ) has been issuing the same exact warnings.


Certainly, an EMP attack poses more threats than a threat to our nuclear facilities. However, this is the most grave threat. America is in the most critical five weeks in its history. I do not believe the globalists even know what they are going to do at this point. However, as my FEMA friend said before he went into hiding, “they will do whatever is necessary to maintain control”.
I am so convinced as to the reality of this threat, I am spending the next two days publishing articles regarding the threat resulting from an EMP attack beyond the threat to our nuclear facilities. Enjoy tonight’s debate and make sure you keep a flashlight nearby.

Hillary Clinton = Cheater, Cheater, Cheater

DEBATE  SEPT 26TH                      DID  HILLARY  CHEAT?

Internet  Abuzz  After  First  Debate 
2  Ways  She  May  Have  Cheated

Hillary Clinton is not above cheating, lying or stealing (or murder) to get what she wants so it shouldn’t be any surprise that she is being accused of cheating during Monday’s 1st Presidential debate.  Here are the 2 ways that she may have cheated:

A picture from after the debate shows Clinton with some sort of device taped to her back below her clothing. Speculation is that this is a device that works with an ear piece that Hillary could have used to receive feedback from advisors during the debate.

Another way that Clinton was accused of cheating was in signals that she gave to the moderator Lester Holt. During the debate when Clinton wanted to signal Holt that she wanted the floor, she rubbed her face in a manner similar to a baseball manager.

According to True Pundit she has not done this in any other debates during her career supporting the accusation that these were signals.

We know that NBC crank Lester Holt interrupted Trump 41 times and Hillary only 7 and Holt lied about Trump’s positions so it is not unlikely that he cheated in other ways during the debate as well.  

After the debate a strange man quickly rushed the stage and picked up Hillary’s notes off of her podium.  This stranger then handed the notes to Holt as he was leaving the stage.  Holt stated at the beginning of the debate that neither candidate had received his questions before the debate but with a Clinton in the debate, this was highly unlikely.

Hillary Clinton = Cheater, Cheater, Cheater

Russia Collapses Entire US Intelligence System

Russia  Collapses  Entire  US  Intelligence System  Using  Microsoft,  Facebook  And  Google

A very interesting (and actually gleefully written) Federal Guard Service (FSO) report circulating in the Kremlin today claims that the United States entire Domestic Surveillance Directorate (DSD) has been brought to near total collapse due to Federation intelligence analysts utilizing American tech giants Microsoft, Facebook and Google “spying agreements” to achieve a “digital tsunami” that has, in just barely 3 years, rendered the US National Security Agency’s (NSA) multi-billion-dollar Utah Data Center (UDC) obsolete.

The Federal Guard Service is responsible for safeguarding presidential, governmental and other types of special communications and information provided to all Federation government ministries while the United States Domestic Surveillance Directorate states it’s mission is to “collect, process, and store U.S. citizen data for the good of the Nation”, while the Utah Data Center (code-named Bumblehive) is described as a  massive data repository” designed to cope with the vast increases in digital data that have accompanied the rise of the global network.

In 2013 the Federal Guard Service became “alarmed” when top secret NSA documents were released by one of their employees, Edward Snowden, showing how America’s largest tech giants were working in private with US intelligence agencies to spy not just on the American people but, indeed, the whole world.

Upon the release of Snowden’s NSA documents the Federal Guard Service ordered all Federation ministries to begin using typewriters for communication—but did allow the continued use of Microsoft (Outlook) and Google email and Facebook usage for “selected purposes”.  

As to what those “selected purposes” for Federation ministries using Microsoft, Google and Facebook were, President Putin’s order yesterday that they now be totally banned for use.  

And, according to these details, in 2013 the Federation had no existing counterpart to immediately replace
Microsoft-Google-Facebook communications, but upon Federation computer intelligence experts discovery that Microsoft had given the NSA unrestricted access to their users encrypted messages, Google had made a secret alliance with the NSA, and Facebook had become the perfect mass surveillance tool for both the NSA and FBI, a “once in a lifetime/forever” opportunity was seen for the Federation to “strike back” against the Americans.

This “once in a lifetime/forever” opportunity was made even more “grander” in 2015 when it was discovered that Microsoft’s new operating system, Windows 10, would not allow its auto-spying function to be turned offthus allowing the NSA to have immediate access to all personal data, including content (such as the content of emails, other private communications or files in private folders) on any computer that installed it. 

To how best to exploit the outrageous spying of Microsoft-Google-Facebook against not only the Federation, but the whole world, this report says, was provided in Edward Snowden’s leaked NSA documents that provided the massive number of “keywords American intelligence analysts were using to flag what they considered 'suspicious communications' and/or computer files.  

Once knowing these NSA “keywords”, Federation intelligence analysts then began “flooding” the NSA with tens-of-millions of emails, files and other such computer documents on a daily basis from not only official Russian ministry computers using Microsoft-Google-Facebook, but from all other governments in the world, too. (Yea!  You GO Russia! Thanks for helping out us peon Americans who also are being 'spied' on!!!!) 

Not just from governments, either, did the NSA get “flooded” with Federation derived “keyword” messages, but from personal and company computers from ordinary citizens in these countries, too—including the United States where this report estimates the NSA, over the past 3 years, has had to flag nearly every single one of their citizens emails and/or computer files for them being 'suspected' of having “terrorist linkages”—and that has put millions of them on their governments 'terror watch' lists. (Would this not ALSO INCLUDE NSA EMPLOYEES??!!)

With the NSA having no ability to physically read the hundreds-of-millions (if not billions) of Federation derived “keyword” inspired emails and computer documents flooding into their servers, they’ve been rendered useless in determining who are real terrorists and who aren’t—but that hasn’t stopped these American “spy idiots  from putting even babies on their 'terror watch' list as they did with 7-month-old “Baby Doe” this past year. 

To how exactly Federation intelligence experts were able to exploit Microsoft-Google-Facebook to over whelm the NSA with a literal tsunami of digital information remains in the highly classified portions of this report—but it is interesting to note the 2013 news reports of the sudden Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) hijacking events allowing hackers to spoof the IP address of another entity to misdirect traffic so the receiver would have no idea where it actually came from. 

This report concludes by noting that, as of now, Federation intelligence experts are estimating that the US Domestic Surveillance Directorate’s Utah Data Center is now holding in their servers 4-6 billion gigabytes of essentially useless information with more flooding in on a daily basis and that the American’s are unable to stop—or make sense of.   

Sorcha Faal
September 28, 2016

"Volume + Vision = Victory" - RV Op Ed.......

"Volume + Vision = Victory" - RV Op Ed.......

Wednesday, September 28, 201

Received via email at 4:52 AM EDT for publication. ~ Dinar Chronicles


"Volume + Vision = Victory"
RV Op Ed
September 28, 2016


Why in the world is everything suddenly all about Zimbabwe as it relates to the RV?

It's only the 61st largest nation by square miles (roughly about the same size of Japan) and a nation of less than 15 million people. And sure it's valuable, but so are a lot of nations in Africa. We're told there are enormous deposits of rare earth elements, easily accessible minerals and massive precious metals deposits, plus plenty of water (not typical for most African nations) which creates an unusually fertile agriculture industry.

But what about this out-of-print "collectible currency" everyone keeps talking about? This magical ZIM rate? What's the rub?

Well, there are two simple reasons for Zimbabwe's sudden rise to prominence on the global monetary scene, and few know either. One has to do with volume, and the other vision, and together they have equated to victory.

Let's explore the theoretical space shall we...

Volume. Largest stack wins at the poker table nearly every time, right? Well, the ZIM back in 2008-2009 was sure printed with unprecedented volume. The ZIM currency has been out-of-print until just recently, and now they've resorted to printing sovereign bonds that act like currencies to gain trust against with locals. But what if there was precedent for such a monetary decision in Zimbabwe?

The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe has done this before, the last time was in 2008-2009 but they didn't tell anyone.

The RBZ printed bonds that acted like currency, and used the last hyper inflated series (AA,AB,AC) to pay back IMF loans that were imposing brutal austerity measures against their population. That final ZIM dollar series was circulated just like a currency, but with the notes having an incredibly high face value, and holding an even higher sovereign bond value.

So why hide a sovereign bond beneath the facade of an everyday currency? There must have been a good reason, just like ZIM bond/currency suddenly being reissued today, yes?

Yes. But few were aware back then, and even less are today. Turns out the 2008-2009 ZIM currency was secretly printed on special sovereign bond paper in Germany--at the same bond printing company that printed China's sovereign bonds--and together, they colluded and engaged in a clandestine printing without the awareness of top white cabal European leaders.

When the Europeans found out of course they promptly shut down both the Zimbabwe bond/currency printing and destroyed the plates, but the damage was already done as quintillions upon quintillions of high valued sovereign bonds were already circulation.

This means that each of you are bearer bond holders with legitimate title to the land and assets of the Sovereign Nation of Zimbabwe. Don't believe it? Well, look at the front of your bills… see what it says in the far left quadrant. See the words "I promise to pay the bearer on demand…" yup, that means it's a bond, printed on sovereign bond paper, and you're the final bearer of said bond. Cha-ching! 

So why would fiercely loyal Zimbabwe leadership intentionally give away such valuable sovereign bonds to foreigners? And why were some of these "bond/currency" printed with face values as high as 100 trillion units?

This makes absolutely no sense unless there's a much bigger vision at play. Now everyone would agree that Africa is very old continent… sure. And China too? Sure. Both probably have some very old even ancient families that know each other very well, and maybe a few control a majority of the world's raw assets do to age and experience. Ok, that's all reasonable.

So, if that's true, then maybe these old families probably keep a very close eye out for younger, power hungry races like the Anglo-Saxons of Eastern Europe, who's appetite to accumulate, steal, rape and pillage everything on planet earth is historically well documented. White people are freakin' crazy, yo...

It also was no secrete the Vatican attempted to seize the entire world--for God--through self-imposed laws and doctrines in the middle ages, and the military arm of the Vatican (The Jesuits) had long attempted to infiltrate and overtake both the African and Asian continents to absorb their vast wealth.

So it stands to reason that the African and Chinese Royal Families might have hatched a plan several hundred years ago to defeat the young white European invaders once and for all. It's even rumored they set a clever economic trap using the in-ground raw assets of Africa as bait, allowing resource hungry European bankers to issue as much institutional debt as they could bear in order to default all the European banks at once.

This trap was neither cheap, nor a short-term strategy. We're talking about a few centuries to execute let alone accomplish victory. But in the high stakes global poker game of world domination, the player with the shortest natural resources stack always loses, as eventually the larger stack waits out all opponents through a series of masterful moves demonstrating both unparalleled patience and discipline.

And that's exactly what the African and Chinese Royal Families did, they waited out Rome and the Europeans because they knew collectively they had no significant raw asset holdings (shortest stack), thus their potential was limited and their vast natural resources (largest stack) would wear them down over a long-enough timeline if they remained patient and disciplined. Which thankfully they did.

They also knew their fiat money lie would one day to collapse under it's own deceptive weight, exposing the Roman, European and American fractional reserve central banking network until it ultimately burned out from lack of financial oxygen--raw assets. Which as of Friday, it has.

Keep in mind, fractional reserve banking was not new to to ancient cultures. Usury had been in existence since the days of Ancient Egypt, but never to this extent where it threatened human survival. And it only really became a serious threat to humanity in the last two hundred years when central banking was introduced as a monetary savior mechanism by a few hyper aggressive Eastern European Banking Families who like to call themselves the "Dark Nobility."

So yes, ancient African and Chinese Royal Families used Roman and European aggression to their advantage, and began slowly accumulating the world's remaining raw assets while also depleting their cash and buying up their bogus government treasuries. And when they needed some military muscle, they recruited the Russians. And when they needed to ensure oil supply, they recruited the Persians… first Iran, then Iraq… both were more than willing to team up with the BRICS Alliance.

With Russia agreeing to provide military cover it meant that the Romans and Europeans could be kept check, and along as the Iranians (and later the Iraqis) could supply future oil reserves to fuel this alliance, together they had a winning combination that could both stop and defeat the Great Satan (i.e. The Money Changers). Which is what we are seeing play out on a global stage daily. Told you white people were whak...

Imagine, all of this was planned long before the United States of America was even founded back in 1776 (which ironically the American Revolution was funded by the Chinese Royals, and why Americans pay tribute by shooting off Chinese fireworks every 4th of July). The world is a very old place, and America is a very young country. It's sad they don't teach real history in public education anymore, but it is not unexpected… that will change dramatically in the upcoming century.

So getting back to the little African/Asian/Russian/Persian save the world saga… it's very important to understand this pre-forged alliance in respect to modern day events because all defaulted or historic sovereign assets (bonds, currencies, bank instruments, loans, trades, ETF's, etc..) must now be reconciled by the new global monetary authority--who's raw assets are used as tangible collateral collectively known as the Global Collateral Accounts.

Zimbabwe did its part by appearing to be economically destitute when in truth they were fabulously wealth, as was the plan per the Chinese, Russian and Persian Royal Families. Zimbabwe then over printed their ZIM bond/currency knowing full well that one day all debts would be reconciled as part of a worldwide Golden Jubilee Year of Debt Foreignness. Even the Vatican was made to release all corporate claims on its foreign assets / nations / populations, including assets they acquired several centuries prior in Africa.

Where the European Banking Families faltered is instead of folding for a few centuries, they doubled down and manufactured a terrorist false flag (9/11) which lead to war everywhere on the planet. This really pissed off the world community, which lead to the overt dismantling of their fractional reserve central banking system, as well as many of their private banks, which have all been drained down to the point of complete insolvency. See Deutsche Bank, Barclays, Royal Bank of Scotland…

Remember, the poker player with shortest stack always loses given enough hands… well, ultimately time and patience won the day. This means that not only has Zimbabwe's national debt been covered in full, but the bond/currency you hold is also mercifully now being allowed to be redeemed at modern values based on Zimbabwe's audited in-ground natural asset reserves. So the entire world can abundantly benefit, and you personally can enrich yourself, home, community, country and continent.

And that's exactly what happened folks, a patient and disciplined pathway to victory through volume and inspired vision means that you and 144,000 of your closest friends will all be depositing an incredibly high volume of these digital ZIM credits onto a Chinese global financial system right here the new Republic of the United States this weekend; which by the way not only resurrects our own Republic of the United States economy in record time, but also thrusts Africa into most valuable continent status overnight!!!!!
Talk about win-win-win-win for Africa, China, Russia, Iran/Iraq, North America… and an insurmountable defeat for Rome and the Anglo-Saxon European Union. Yo, what an awesome strategy to ponder, let alone participate in and profit from. Just amazing. God is so great.

Side note: Due to the ZIM's incredibly high deposit value on China's new financial system, global circulation percentages and central bank holding reserves will rise exponentially and literally within the first few hours post RV, making Zimbabwe the wealthiest per capita nation in all of Africa--bar none. Which will allow Zimbabwe, in the near future, to lean on China's and Russia's powerful diplomatic leverage and qualify the ZIM Dollar as Africa's first and only representative in the IMF's Special Drawing Rights (SDR) basket of global reserve currencies.

We understand the ZIM will be added eventually along with the Russian Ruble to create a basket of seven global reserve currencies (there are five now, including the United States Dollar, British Pound, Japanese Yen, Chinese Yuan, and European Dollar). But that's another tale of volume plus vision that has yet to be written.

So maybe just enjoy the ZIM's rich buffet of blessings with this little history lesson as desert. For as you cultivate and steward your own family fortune moving forward, remember that it takes the mastery of patience and discipline to both achieve and maintain generations of victory.

God is with us.

NSA Psychotronic warfare - Remote Neural Monitoring

NSA Psychotronic warfare with Tesla tech 
radio frequency weapons for mind control

Published on Jul 4, 2014

Neural Enslavement
Human Trafficking and Gang Stalking
Remote Neural Monitoring used

Published on Jan 27, 2016

EMF radiation exposure

Nutrition and food that can help 
with EMF radiation exposure

Published on Jun 18, 2016 - Our bodies are amazing! Considering the health burdens our bodies have to put up with from our environment and of what we eat.
Essential nutrients like vitamins and minerals play an important role in keeping the body coping as best it can. Often the burdens are so great that health slowly decays towards chronic health complaints. Supplementation or eating the right foods that contain nutrients that the body needs when exposed to the never ending exposure to EMF radiation, is helpful and a valuable tool to assist, but it does not replace radiation avoidance/shielding.

Brian Hoyer is a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner in the USA and also one of our consultants. Combining a 'body' approach with environmental medicine to help optimize especially the bedroom for health repair and maintenance. 

In this video Brian Hoyer explains what foods and nutrients will be helpful and also goes into some of the workings of the brain, melatonin and the function of hormones.

There are foods and supplements you can take to support you during radiation exposure

 Brian Hoyer is an established complementary health practitioner, specializing in nutritional therapy, kinesiology and other modalities. Brian is also one of our first US consultants and available for home assessments along the Pacific region.  We live in a world that has progressed rapidly in just 150 years.  Our food has fundamentally changed.  It has been industrialized, sprayed with pesticides, and processed in ways like never before.  It is also being genetically modified to contain toxins that our bodies simply don’t recognize as food.

In addition to the changes in our food there has also been many changes in our environment.  When most people think of environmental stressors they think of chemicals, mold,mildew, heavy metals, and maybe even nuclear radiation.  These are all self evident because a person  can see, smell, or taste many of these things.  It is very important to avoid these things or reduce exposure to lower the burden on your body.

Invisible radiation can be deceptive

Probably the most deceptive environmental bodily stressor of all is low-level man-made radiation.  There are extremely low frequency (ELF) ranges that create electric and magnetic fields.  There are also higher frequency radio and microwave radiation from radio, TV broadcasting, mobile phones, mobile phone towers, Wi-Fi, baby monitors, smart meters, bluetooth, and other wireless technologies.

Radiation exposure to the body has increased astronomically in the last 100 years.  Scientists estimate that humans get 30 to 100 million times the amount of electromagnetic radiation than just 100 years ago.  Much like modern processed foods suddenly appearing in human history, these frequencies were rapidly introduced to humankind as the invention of electricity gradually expanded and more and more people were exposed to this new type of low level radiation.  The higher frequencies were not prominent much at all until the invention of radios, TV broadcasting, and now mobile phone and other wireless technologies.  Our exposure throughout history DEFINITELY has not been anywhere near the levels that we are exposed to today.

There are many studies that show the biological effects of electromagnetic radiation.  One of the most detrimental biological effects is the way that this type of radiation disrupts proper functioning of melatonin in the human body.  Frequencies in the electromagnetic spectrum have been shown to physiologically distort signals to the hypothalamus and pituitary, both of which depend on light frequencies to get information about the environment.  This information is used to send proper instructions to various hormone producing glands.

Electronic pollution in our environment is constantly being pumped out and creating an environment where our bodies may “think” that the sun is still out when it is dark.Light is a key player in this equation and part of the environment that the hypothalamus monitors. Light is also a part of the electromagnetic spectrum and plays a crucial role in the balance between cortisol and melatonin.  Cortisol is activated by the presence of light along with circadian clock signals that depend on melatonin secretion the night before.  When cortisol is high enough during sleep it causes a person to wake up.

Melatonin is produced when the sun goes down and there is an absence of light.  Many studies suggest that light and other electromagnetic frequencies stimulate the hypothalamus in a similar way that light does.  If this is true then the implication is that all of this electronic pollution in our airways is constantly being pumped out and creating an environment where our bodies may “think” that the sun is still out when it is dark.  

Reducing both artificial light and electromagnetic radiation at night can be immensely helpful in optimizing the proper signaling of the hypothalamus and pituitary glands that in turn ensures a timely secretion of melatonin from the pineal gland before bedtime. 


The Zika Virus - What It Really Is

The Zika Virus - What It Really Is
 It's NOT what you THINK it is!

Published on Sep 18, 2016
The virus is causing terrible defects to unborn children and they are in the US now. 

This is very informative and should give people the help they need to put up a resistance to the spraying in their area (as well as protecting yourself if in an affected area)...
The channel this is from is here.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

LaVoy Assassination forensic Study released!

You Won’t Believe What’s About To Come!!!

Look What The UN Just Did! 
You Won’t Believe What’s About To Come!!!

Published on Jul 19, 2016
You’ll Be SHOCKED Once You Find This Out!

While your Mainstream Media continues to distract you with the upcoming “elections” and alleged-suspected “terrorists,” the United Nations (U.N.) has just recently approved the use of force in order to protect civilians in the event of armed conflicts. In fact, U.S. Ambassador Samantha Power has even said at a U.N. meeting back in May 2016 that the U.S. is “proud” to be joining with the U.N. “Peacekeepers” — in order to “act” in case civilians are ever in danger. In preparation for civil unrest, staged rioting and upheaval, and finally, Martial Law...

Along with the U.S., these 29 nations are set to act under the Kigali Principles in times of conflict. These nations include: The U.S., Austria, Bangladesh, Belgium, Burkina Faso, Canada, Djibouti, Estonia, Ethiopia, Finland, former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Germany, Ghana, Guinea, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Malawi, Montenegro, Netherlands, Niger, Poland, Romania, Rwanda, Senegal, Slovenia, Sri Lanka, Sweden, Togo, Ukraine, Uganda, Uruguay, and Zambia.

But There’s Something BIGGER Going On Here!!!

Because President Obama has recently signed in a very important executive order — this one having to do with pre- and post-strike measures in order to address civilian casualties in U.S. Operations involving the use of force. Which basically gives the U.N. and your military the right to use force, in the event(s) of chaos and upheaval. According to the Director of National Intelligence (DNI), a survey was also put out regarding the use of drone strikes outside of the U.S. in specific conflict zones — mostly involving the Middle East.

But Is There Something ELSE Going On?!?!





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Hillary Clinton and Globalists frantically rushing to DESTROY America

Say Goodbye to the 50 States, Get Ready for FEMA Regions For the North American Union

The infamous agenda for the North American Union is taking shape and the plans to do away with the 50 states and create FEMA regions is happening right now.

Economically according to Parag Khanna, a contributor for the NYTimes, America would thrive more if the government did away with the states and created regions. At first glance, the plan seems to be a good idea, but rather we must observe the hidden motive. The States of America exist to protect the rights of the individual rather than that of the collective. However, given the agenda currently underway, the rights of the individual are being forsaken, and the “feelings of the collective” throttled upon the masses.

According to Parag, and those sourced in the report; the 50 states are dysfunctional and very messy, especially economically. With America continually on the downturn of leading the world in innovation, it becomes increasingly more evident that the USA is failing. Advanced economies in Western Europe and Asia are reorienting themselves around robust urban clusters of advanced industry.” Says Parag. However is that the real motive behind it all?

The plan for a New World Order is very clear, a centralized worldly government where there are no borders and only a ruling class of elites who run the world. Placing that as another boundary line for the end times. Using the discontinuation of the 50 states, paints a clear picture that America is preparing itself for the New World Order.

The entire plan for seven states bases itself on the fact that some states are failing while others have already bounced back after the 2008 financial crisis.

However, exposing the real motives behind the crisis shows that this agenda for seven states is all apart of a larger scheme to further dwindle the individual rights of Americans, and to do away with borders and boundaries furthering the agenda of the One World Government.
The idea to combine states and do away with border lines is not a new one, but rather it began 32 years ago, proposed by a man named Joel Garreau, his idea was to have nine states. Given the furthering of time, its now been dwindled down to seven, which should only make one wonder how long till it dwindles down to one.

Centralizing government is never a good idea, and that is the undoubted plan for it all, federalizing all police forces to act as one rather than several hundred; painstakingly showcases the agenda for the North American Union.

Survival Things We Lost To History

Fellow Patriot,
Shock and disbelief has rocked our world in the past years…
Call me old-fashioned, but I completely believe in America and what our ancestors stood for.
And how they used to fight back…
loost (1)
The SHTF we all prep for is what Folks Called 150 years ago “Daily Life”

…no electrical power, no refrigerators, no Internet, no computers, no TV, no hyperactive law enforcement, and no Safeway or Walmart.I must admit, as a true Christian and Patriot this video really sent shivers down my spine…
Because it exposes a long-forgotten secret that could bring God’s Judgement onto America…

Where the plan began is where the answer lives. Taken from his bio:
Joel Garreau is an explorer of culture, values, and change. To aid those who follow later,
he frequently publishes mental maps.

Most recently he is the author of Radical Evolution: The Promise and Peril of Enhancing Our Minds, Our Bodies, and What It Means to Be Human, published in 2005 by Doubleday. Joel’s latest book takes an unprecedented, sometimes alarming, always spellbinding look at the hinge in history at which we have arrived. For hundreds of millennia, our technologies have been aimed outward at altering our environment in the fashion of fire, agriculture, or space travel. Now, for the first time, we are increasingly aiming inward at modifying our minds, memories, metabolisms, personalities, progeny and possibly our immortal souls. Radical Evolution is about altering human nature — not in some distant tomorrow, but right now, on our watch.
Joel is a transhumanist, further proving the point that the agenda for North America to be split into regions is an elitist one and not that of furthering the rights of individuals but rather the feelings of the collective. Joel is not the only one who is pushing this agenda.

Hillary Clinton is also pushing the agenda, and she claims that America will have no borders within one hundred days after her arrival in the Oval Office.


Furthering the agenda of the North American Union, and doing away with the states brings about a strange coincidence. Under Martial Law, or during a national crisis a new map takes shape; and that is the FEMA regions map. Which uncovers an astounding resemblance of the new seven states map.

The idea is not a new one, and the plan to create the North American Union is happening right now. In fact, according to Forbes, it will potentially happen over the next decade; which began in 2013. This entire agenda resembles that of the North American Union, which is a part of the larger United Nations agenda for 2030.

History repeats; destroying the current states bears the resemblance of something which happened in the past and brought about the bloodiest civil war in the world. The question is, as they further the agenda for The North American Union will it bring about another one?

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