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PEOPLE have POWER.<---- This is the founding basis of freedom and the will of the people.
Don't forget how to PLAY.<---- This is duplicating history and resettling our original jurisdiction.
TOGETHER YOU ARE STRONG.<----- This is the people in assembly as a body politic.


Saturday, March 30, 2013

Alex Jones Calls Out DHS to Stand Down

Alex Jones Calls Out DHS to Stand Down

War has been declared on the 2nd Amendment and the entire Bill Of Rights, but most of us have always known and our founders warned us that when they come for the guns, you know your nation is in dire peril! That’s why the founders called for Gun Control and that’s why I am now endorsing it. No. Not Gun Control over the people who are the source of liberty and justice. “Wherever firearms are found, evil is restrained”, said Thomas Jefferson.
No, I’m calling for government and the illegal standing army that is Homeland Security, a fifth branch of the military that admits its first mission is to suppress gun owners, conservatives, libertarians, returning veterans, Christians. This is the globalist takeover army.
They have used the fake pretense of terrorism to set this up. Now they are telling us, “Forget about Al Qaeda. The new terrorists are conservative gun owners who won’t turn their guns in. The globalists want to have a civil war in this country. That’s their smokescreen to have a purge, and so I am calling for the standing army that is Homeland Security and the thousands of armored vehicles, the tanks, helicopters, the 2 billion rounds of ammunition to be handed over to the Department Of Defense who has been very resistant in the last 20 years towards the Rand Corporation, the globalists commands to become a domestic military. Everything the system has done is to condition us to accept this so that the globalsist can fully implode the economy and accelerate their social engineering.
America is under attack from within and without by the globalists.
And I also call for collaborators like Diane Feinstein and Mayor Bloomberg, Michael Moore, John McCain and others to relinquish their firearms to the local government and to declare that they are giving up their taxpayer paid for bodyguards, or in the case of Mayor Bloomberg who has more than 15 bodyguards. These people are unbelievable hypocrites who do not want you to protect your families because they know the 2nd Amendment has become a beachhead for liberty and these globalists are desperate that the public not learn of the FBI Statistics that are collected from local governments across The United States that conclusively show since 1991, violent crime has dropped 49%. It’s been decreasing over the years because gun ownership is increasing. Gun ownership goes up, crime comes down, it is a fact and the system is panicking over that. Cities like Chicago , New York and other places where only the government mafia has firearms, has crime ridden bastions of oppression. Think about it, we see a Homeland Security arms buildup and we get their terror training manuals and they announce their new number one enemy is gun owners and people that won’t turn their firearms in. This is an authoritarian takeover. This is an attempt to sell their purge against the American people. That’s why we got to use the 1st Amendment
now like we never have before or we are going to lose this entire country. The globalists are coming in here testing the waters to see if they can sell the public on a civil war with Homeland Security as a standing army waging war against the American people who value the Bill Of Rights, The U.S. Constitution and our sacred republic. May Almighty God Help us.

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