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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Obama’s 3 Hour Speech to Reveal Everything on Monday!

Obama’s 3 Hour Speech to Reveal Everything on Monday!

Following up on last night’s Doug McCollum’s posting in the Free At Last Facebook group and my article comes more news this morning that Obama is speaking LIVE on television Monday night for 3 hours, April 1. Some comments hope this is no April Fool’s joke! This is not confirmed at this time, so please keep your eyes and ears open for pending air time. Hopefully, we will be getting a heads up to make sure we don’t miss this. Monday’s date originated here and here. Could these be more false posts like so many others? Those strongly following the Dinar RV re-set believe this to be true. But, for now, we must consider this as only a rumor until more is revealed. And, you can bet I’ll be blogging it when it does! [UPDATE: Doug just replied to my request about date and time of speech: "We know this is now in its final realm. Today is Easter. That's a specific holiday. We are expecting all to go down between now and tomorrow. Announcements will probably start at mid noon or nite. Stay grounded but pray and be expectant."]
However, when the speech does occur, Doug says, this 3 hour speech includes disclosure and announcements “we [have] been waiting for … after that, its 10 days [of] education on all media.” “There’s a lot entailed in these 3 hours including debt forgiveness, taxation, federal reserve and New UST [US Treasury], prosperity packages, new government and more parts of Nesara. The BIGGEST part which will take longest is the original 13th amendment and lawyers being agents. 3 hours will be enough time.”
When I first heard of this 3 hour speech last night that was planned for Monday, I knew something was up. I don’t recall any of his other speeches being this long before. And, in all honesty, I was never an Obama supporter. Even I have much to learn.
I know what I’ll be doing tomorrow night in front of my television set. Don’t have a TV anymore? I believe this speech will be aired online and on the radio as well. This is too big for anyone to miss. I will continue to find out more information about the airing of this speech. I hear we want to make sure you catch the first 15 minutes!
Some information that will be highlighted in the speech are the original hidden 13th Amendment:
Posted by Doug McCollum:
“From 1832 to 1878 the TITLES OF NOBILITY AMENDMENT(13TH ORIGINAL AMENDMENT) started to disappear from all textbooks and documents in every library and offices across America. Only one group had the accessibility, the availability, and the ability to do this..THE LAWYERS.” –Daryl Frech, April 2010.
By the time of the war of 1812 we had already seen 12 states ratify the TONA original 13th amendment. In actuality..Virginia commonwealth had been the 13th and required state to ratify this important amendment. Two states including Rhode Island were not proper states at this point in time so the union was not abridged to them. SOUTH CAROLINA had voted against the 13th amendment due to corrupt cotton industry southern lawyers already in their legislatures. So with Virgina passing their state to this TONA we had at that point of April 1810 a new amendment prohibiting lawyers from taking public office and receiving compensations.
Make NO mistake, when the attorneys who accept the BAR, whether federal, state, local, etc…they are all rescinding their American citizenship..every one of them. They know it instantly that they are then citizens of England, when they accept the BAR and receive the title esquire. ALL OF THEM, EVERY ONE, ARE GUILTY OF TREASON AND WILL BE DEALT WITH HARSHLY..IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATEs of America. They have no recourse and will have to face what they have done to our country. They are all the kings agents.
When we won the Revolutionary War in 1776, King George made a documented statement and he says ” I refuse to acknowledge the capitulation of Cornwallis to Washington on the war of the Americas, and I will use my OWN private agents to carry out this warfare forever in that country”. This statement was written in a journal and documented. THOSE PRIVATE AGENTS ARE THE ESQUIRES OR ATTORNEYS THAT RECEIVE THE BAR AND FIGHT YOU AND I ANY ANY FASHION TO ROB US OF WEALTH AND TO ILLEGALLY IMPRISON AND/OR IMPOVERISH US. It doesn’t matter if its a divorce, child custody, tax lien, rental/mortgage payments, whatever, they work to milk all Americans out of their wealth. This money is then sent to the crown of England. Only portions are kept to pay these high price attorneys.
These attorneys and judges love the idea of being rich, but with that BAR position comes…POWER. The power is what fuels this because of the control they can display over normal working citizens. This has been a warfare since the Revolutionary War against you and I. Personally i cant wait til they are infected with OUR republic CONSTITUTION and its penalties for being treasonous snakes in our society. I HOPE ALL OF YOU PASS THIS ON AND SPREAD THE WORD. SEND IT TO ANYONE WHO MAY EVEN HAVE A LAWYER IN THEIR FAMILY OR CIRCLE OF FRIENDS. Because this little well known secret is gonna be in the announcements coming soon.”
Farms.com hosts an article about the One People’s Public Trust’s action in the State of California posted October 15, 2011 by Wally Brown called stop foreclosures. The original article broke the day before on Before It’s News.
Most people already know about NESARA, the National Economic Security and Reformation Act. But if you haven’t, the entire NESARA history is on Nancy B. Detweiler’s website posted August 17, 2011 which started from the Farm Claims back in the 80′s.
On Nancy’s website, she also posted an article of Matthew’s Message dated March 11, 2013 titled Why Are Things Moving So Slowly? I normally don’t post channeling, but this one is quite revealing.
Many don’t realize that our own Deva Peters [Priya] and Chris Rose are and have been actively involved behind the scenes and are Lightworkers involved in this process. This, too, will be revealed by them when the time is right. Even, I don’t know…I’m on a need to know basis.
The fact that you are reading this now makes you a lightworker, spreading the news to others and to enlighten your own path. We are here for a reason. We have been united for a goal. We found our way to each other for a purpose.
Now that some of you have a better understanding of what’s been going on behind the scenes, tomorrows speech and the coming days, weeks and months shall be very interesting….
Here is a precursor to tomorrow’s scheduled speech:
President Obama uses his weekly address to mark a sacred time for the millions of Americans celebrating Easter and Passover, and he calls on everyone to use this time to reflect on the common values we share as a nation. The President says that this is a chance to embrace loved ones, give thanks for our blessings, and help those less fortunate as we celebrate our individual traditions as well as the thread of humanity that connects us all.
Love, Peace and Happiness to ALL



  2. a little preview to help with visualization for manifestation - http://goanimate.com/videos/08FiOZw7Bk3k/1 Obama's speech

  3. Maybe Obama is making a maneuver to get rid of the US Supreme Court, as they are members of the BAR, to make a decision in His favor, so therefore he will STAY President!

  4. Lol Happy April Fools Day...... Pfffft please.

  5. Dumfounded. Again. When this 'three hour speech' doesn't happen - I hope to God all you folks out there who still think this man is one of the good ones -will finally have some come to the truth moment and wake up to the fact that he is just another lost soul who does what he is told.

    Honestly- in another life time - I actually fell for all the promises/dates/times. That was ages ago. For those of you who are literally going to pop the corn and sit in front of the tv tomorrow night and wait for this 'three hour speech,' - and while you are waiting..waiting..waiting - think back to all the other times he was going to make this big announcement - think Olympics/presidential speech when he was going to announce the real prez - Boehner. Remember that?

    People - for the love of God - please wake up to the fact that you're being led around by your nose - and they are laughing at you every step of the way.

  6. The joke's on you. Obama will not be giving a 3 hour speech tomorrow night or any other time. He wouldn't be able to keep up with his teleprompter that long. This is all BULLSHIT! They're not about to preempt Gas Monkey Garage.

  7. Not gonna happen ... wouldn't be prudent.

  8. Ok, i do not know if this means anything or not or it just has not been posted yet, but the is nothing on the whitehouse.gov site for April...just thought i would share...

  9. More drivel, Obama can easily talk about himself for three hours.

  10. I dont think it is going to happen

  11. This lying murdering sack of commie shit!He is a full blown muslim and he is and has killed thousands of innocent people around the world,including hundreds here in the USA!Who ever wote this BS garbage is a fucking dirt bag traitor to the USA and should be taken out and shot on site with this enemy combantant and all the traitors to the constitution that support this pos! More disinformation put out by the filthy CIA/NSA Nazi's!

  12. To Doug McCollum:
    You can go FUCK yourself. I was an attorney for over 30 years and did not know the truth until several years ago. I have given up my license.
    MAKE DAMN sure you never get close to me asshole.
    Bill Porter

    1. WOW!! Someone hit a nerve! You cannot tell me that when you took an oath that it was to a foreign entity! There are people sitting in jail because of your kind. I do not buy that you did not know and even if you did not know the whole story you sure knew that your allegiance was to the court and not your client. Hmmm.

    2. Wow. Someone needs some light sent his direction. The sooner we stop this kind of thing the sooner we all move to a higher state of being. Please.....this frame of mind no longer fits.

  13. "The fact that you are reading this now makes you a lightworker, spreading the news to others and to enlighten your own path."

    There is no way I'm telling anyone about this. They'll have me locked up in a rubber room.

  14. I would take this post down...Obama isn't going to make any speech incriminating himself or any of the cronies that placed him in this position. Happy April fools day...Just TPTB's way of emotional tug of war with the sheeple. They get a kick out of that. So I call B.S. on this article. This is why I don't share it because I have people on my blog who are worried and rightly so and this would serve as one more distraction and delay of hoping and believing in something that never comes.

  15. anon 11:03 & 11:06 you are most likely the same person, you sound like a vicious obnoxious filthy mouthed person and if this is true no one would be sad to see you sent abroad. If it's not true, we can live with it better than we can live with you.

  16. What's with all the hostility here? Okay yes the things he's said and done makes him a tyrant I agree, but how does anyone know whether or not he will be on TV let alone know what he will talk about?! Im not backing him by any means, he has given me NO evidence in the past 4+ years to show that he is a 'good guy' but no one knows for sure even if he will speak tomorrow so let it happen if it does.
    Funny...all those that discredit this from happening hardly ever use their real names here...

  17. It would also help if John would quit posting stuff like this on this (his) site. This site can be used for great good and a lot of what goes on here is terrific stuff. I know he's an eternal optimist at heart, but posting drivel like this isn't optimism, but only promotes foolishness.

  18. Wow! What a spirited discourse!
    I love it!

    I agree, it's hard to believe, but I will be thrilled if it works out.

  19. What?? The “Anointed One,” the “Light Being,” will speak to his flock!
    Cancel all appointments and previous commitments for the time has come to speak.
    Harken; hear; for soon you will know your time has come

  20. Their time is soon at hand my friend. Now would be a good time to make a healthy investment into a rope making company.

  21. I hope its true. I want to live in a better world!

  22. Sounds to me like many of you need to think and act from your hearts, I have a hard time believing this too, but what do I know? Right but ask yourself what it is that you know, do any of you have any more or less information than I do of what’s really happening behind the scenes, no you don’t in fact, much of what many of you fail to realize is that much of your negative comments are coming from past experiences and your now bringing those past experiences forward to the present so what does this make you?

    I do not emphatically know the answers of all this, but I do that there are many indicators that are now happening globally that certainly do align with the possible 3 hour speech, is it going to happen, I do not know but I open to the idea because I do not know, I can’t possibly know and guess what, neither can you.

    I know it’s all very hard to see this as a real possibility but unless you are well researched I can see where its hard to understand and to put in to prospective, again, I do not know that outcome, but I am fairly well researched and have connected many dots to form my view point, again, I am not saying I am right, but right now, I have to say, all indicators are pointing us in the right direction.

    Sometimes we must realize that not all things look as they often appear, all I can say is think positive, if this happens great and if not, then we will find out soon enough and after today it will just be another diversion in to la la land

    No one in here should be disgruntled with anyone else views, you never know what is diving their thoughts any more than what’s driving your own, be very careful and aware of where your thoughts are coming from.. be very aware.

  23. There is so much stuff being posted everywhere - and for the bloggers who are not posting this - I think that is a smart move. I have lost interest in many blogs - simply because they continue to post stuff that blatantly appears to be off kilter - far from the truth. The two stories recently about jamie dimon and judge scalia - honestly, I was amazed that some bloggers actually posted these- did they NOT read them first?

    I like this site - and many others- if it were not for these folks and their hard work - we would not be reading anything I appreciate them very much for what they do.

    The (d)elites are trying to pump this man up - they have to keep the fires stoked and so we have stuff like this coming out. But I wonder - do they realize how small their audience is at this point? Playing to such a small crowd I am surprised they are still jumping thru such hoops. Of course, the more desperate they become - the grander the claims - and to those who do not get all warm and fuzzy anymore with this bs - they are wasting their time.

    It's all part of the game. A game they are losing and they know it.

  24. I used to wonder why laws were so complicated. Obama is a worm to catch the big fish, but we fell for it too.

  25. If Obama is really on a mission to catch the bad guys, he's certainly hiding his game well.

  26. Look at the chair he's sitting on. A wood-framed chair. Give me a real padded chair any day.

  27. something smells fishy, anyone notice his eyes start to apear snake like with slits as pupils, and we have evidence he has had many gay lovers, but of course they have all died `misteriously` he was also talking off mic once and the mic still picked up him say `the sheep are so gulable they cheer there downfall` but of course nothing to see here.

  28. Well kinda lookin' like it aint gonna happen, huh? Ho hum! Another one for the mis/dis-information dust bin.